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Real Estate Market Update May 2022

In this month’s update we will review market data from the Greater Boston real estate market to help inform what’s happening with the local real estate market and how this is impacting homeowners, sellers, buyers, and real estate investors. First, we look at the premium (or discount) that homes are selling for when compared to … Continued

Seller Financing – Win Win For Buyers and Sellers!

Hi everyone! Todd Wheatley with Candor Realty here. In this video, I’m going to talk about what seller financing it is and how it can benefit both buyers and sellers, especially if you have a team that knows exactly how to use this. This is a tool that I’ve personally used with homeowners to purchase … Continued

What Is A Cost Segregation Study?

Hi everybody, it’s Todd Wheatley from Candor Realty Boston and Millennium Holding Group. In this video, I’m going to cover what cost segregation is as far as real estate and some of the tax benefits that it can provide to real estate owners and real estate investors. This will be a general overview. It won’t … Continued

Greater Boston Market Update – February 2022

* Charts provided by my Candor Realty colleague and good friend Ian Hogan. Follow his work at In the charts below we will look at patterns are trends within the Greater Boston housing and real estate market. Many of these trends have been occurring over many months or years and the data helps to … Continued

How To Review a Commercial Term Sheet

Todd Wheatley here from Candor Realty Boston. In this video, I’m going to break down what a commercial loan or term sheet looks like. This is a little bit different than what you would see on a residential loan, but many of our investors who are looking to expand into commercial real estate or rental … Continued

How To Estimate Rental Income For Multi-Family Property

Hi everyone, this is Todd Wheatley with Candor Realty Boston. In this video, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I estimate rents for a potential rental property, house hack, or other investment property. This is one of the most common questions we get from real estate investors, especially folks looking to purchase … Continued

Buyer Tip: Using Bad Weather To Your Advantage!

Hey, everyone. So in today’s short video, I wanted to talk about a little bit of a strategy that’s working for us in this continued strong seller’s market. So I think everybody that’s watching that has been looking for their next investment property, whether it’s a multifamily, single family or a flip project, just knows … Continued

5 Ways Homeowners in Boston Can Get Out of Debt

Are you a homeowner struggling to get out of debt or make ends meet? Getting out of debt while managing credit card, loan, or other interest payments can be a real challenge. It can also be hard just to make the necessary change to reduce spending in order to pay down the debt. While it’s … Continued